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 Some of the Potential Benefits from Membership of the BBEC


1.  Confidence: Improved Public Confidence in your work.                                                                  

2.  Voluntary Regulation: Government and NHS requirements for voluntary regulation met.              

3.  Best Practice: A UK body to promote the best Buteyko practice.                                                            

4.  Credibility: Improved chances of access to NHS, Insurance Companies etc.                 

5.  Professional security: Laying the foundation for a secure future Buteyko professional body.                   

6.  Safety & reliability: A safe and reliable list of Buteyko educators for the public.                       

7.  Representation: A representative body for media /government or NHS.                          

8.  Public Protection: A sound & fair complaints procedure for the public.                          

9.  International Setting: A integral part of the International Buteyko Movement for exchange of information.                      

10. You have a secure future as a Buteyko Educator : You may be part of a democratically elected council
         and be able to have influence on the future development and direction of Buteyko training and practice or
          as a member be able to direct the work of the elected council through your voting rights.
                     UK Buteyko Educators may apply by completing application form below:

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