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Aims & objectives

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Welcome To The Buteyko Breathing Educators Council.

The Buteyko Breathing Educators Council presents a "High Standard" of Buteyko Educators in the UK. The Buteyko Breathing Educators Council vision is to make Buteyko a pillar of good health, accessible to all and integrated into an overall system of wellness. BBEC aims to increase awareness of Buteyko and its benefits by education, stringent standards of training and medical trials to confirm its effectiveness.

What Is BBEC?

The BBEC is a group of Buteyko Educators committed to formally creating a professional association to support Buteyko Breathing. The members of BBEC are required to comply with rigorous teaching and certification standards as well as commit to on-going professional development. This will ensure that anyone who seeks help from a BBEC certified Educator receives the safest, highest quality service and results possible.

Who Can Be A BBEC Educator?

To become a BBEC educator you will be required to undergo training in the Buteyko Breathing Method from a certified BBEC Buteyko Trainer. Health professionals and natural therapists are particularly suited to this technique as well as those with a medical background. Those without these qualifications will need to do some prerequisite learning before the training.

The  BBEC is currently in discussion with certified Buteyko educators who have previously been trained by a recognized body such as Buteyko Institute of Breathing and Health the BBA or Moscow Clinic. Please contact us for further information.

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