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The Buteyko Breathing Educators Council: UK's Official Registration Body

What Is The Buteyko Breathing Educators Council (BBEC)?

1. The BBEC is an association of Buteyko Educators committed to training people in the Buteyko Breathing Method. The members of BBEC are required to comply with rigorous teaching and certification standards as well as commit to on-going professional development. This will ensure that anyone who seeks help from a BBEC certified Educator receives the safest, highest quality service and results possible.

2. The Buteyko Breathing Educators Council is a group of like minded qualified UK Buteyko Educators from varied backgrounds and training establishments who seek to raise the professional standards of the teaching, training and promotion of the Buteyko Method in the UK.

3. The Buteyko Breathing Educators Council (BBEC) has been established to provide a professional register of Buteyko Educators in the UK. Until the establishment of the BBEC there has been no formal agreed governing body to guide and protect the teaching and practice of the Buteyko Method in the UK.
4. The future potential to introduce the Buteyko Method into mainstream UK healthcare would never be realized without such a formal registering body that doctors or other health workers could refer their patients to, secure in the knowledge that the best professional care and training would be given. 
5. All members are required to meet the standards set by the BBEC in order to assure the public and medical professionals of their safety and competence to teach the Buteyko Method.

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All UK practising Buteyko Educators may apply for membership under a grandfather clause. Please submit your enquiry for membership HERE

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